5 Easy Steps to Customizing an Engagement Ring

Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life, a memory that you will cherish forever. Your engagement ring and wedding bands are one very important piece of this occasion that you will carry with you long after your wedding day is a happy memory. Your ring or rings should represent not only your love for one another, but also portray who you are. It’s an important decision, but one that can be so easy if you work with the right people who know how to understand your needs and desires. We at Adamas Fine Jewelry can be the team to help you with this decision. Let’s design a ring or rings together that will be one of you most reassured possessions. Not only do we have a great selection of rings for you to choose from, but we can create something that is truly YOURS and yours only.

Step 1: In-showroom collaboration

First, let’s get to know you. This first appointment in Adamas’ incredible showroom is when you will discuss your needs and desires in an engagement ring—preferences, expectations, budget, and ideas around sizes and shapes. You can name the type of metal, gemstone, and finish you have your eye on, or your design consultant can suggest trends and styles that fit your unique profile. It’s a simple, casual brainstorming chat that will steer you on the course to having a ring you or your fiancée will love for years to come.

Step 2: Digital designing and workshopping

After you’ve voiced your preferences and ideas, you get to see computer-generated models of different rings in order to better understand what they will look like in person. This eliminates any mystery or uncertainty when combining different metal, gemstone and finish styles. An idea that you like in your imagination may look quite different than you’d expect, so this stage in the process is one you can rely upon for idea elimination and ultimate satisfaction—you won’t be surprised at the end, except maybe about how beautiful the ring looks in real life.

Step 3: Prototyping and personalization

Adamas Fine Jewelry will now craft a 3D wax or metal model of the ring you workshop in the showroom, so you can see its real-life size and proportion and hold it in your hand. At this time, you can also add personal touches to your ring to really make it your own unique design. Not only can you add embellishments to the metal itself, but you can also add engravings for extra special messages and further sentimentality.

Step 4: Making necessary changes

For Adamas Fine Jewelry, communication is the key to satisfaction. Once you’ve had a chance to see and discuss your prototype and you feel you need to make changes or adjustments to the final design, we will happily make those modifications at this time. Remember, the ring you create with Adamas Fine Jewelry becomes a symbol of your unique relationship and continuing love

Step 5: The big reveal—with all the excitement, and none of the worry

In the best way, you won’t be surprised at all when you finally get to see your finished product. You may be blown away by the quality and sparkling beauty compared to the digital models and prototypes, but the engagement ring that your jeweler gives to you will be the same ring in all your visions and imaginations, all your Adamas workshops and discussions. As we can only hope for all our wedding decisions, everything will look and feel just right.

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