Oval Diamond Engagement Ring with Pear Shape Sides in White Gold

An oval diamond engagement ring with pear-shaped side stones in white gold sounds absolutely stunning! The combination of the classic oval center stone with the elegant pear-shaped side stones creates a beautifully balanced and eye-catching design. The white gold setting adds a touch of timeless elegance and complements the brilliance of the diamonds perfectly. This style of ring offers a unique twist on traditional engagement ring designs, making it a beautiful choice for someone looking for something a little different yet still classic and sophisticated.

Exuding timeless elegance, this oval diamond engagement ring showcases a brilliant 1.02 carat oval diamond, flanked with shimmering pear-shaped diamonds on either side, all set in white gold.

  • 1.02 ct. shown
  • White gold

At Adamas Fine Jewelry, we hand select and assure ethically and responsibly sourced and traceable stones.

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