What’s On Trend for Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

We see ourselves as the first jewelry experience for a couple seriously considering tying the knot. We are here to simplify and educate about what could be a very overwhelming process. We believe in making the experience easy, enjoyable and informative all the while keeping in mind that value is a very important aspect of the purchase. It’s a bespoke experience without the attitude and price tag.

We are seeing some very important trends in engagement ring buying and predominantly diamonds. Couples are shopping together more often than before…considering that the ring is such an individual part of the wearer, not so surprising.

Ethical sourcing is also a very important part of the experience. Yes, lab created stones have entered the scene of late, but natural diamonds are still the most highly prized and requested, especially when we can say we are working with a diamond supplier who offers us diamond traceability by identifying, tracing, tracking and verifying each diamond through every step in the supply chain via secure digital records.

We have also seen the average engagement ring price tag go up considerably. Young, professional couples are spending on average $15,000 – $25,000 on an engagement ring.

Some of the more prominent engagement wedding ring trends:

  • You and me ring with two significant sized stones instead of just one that represents both of you
  • Going back to classics, like 6 prong solitaires or single stone with tapered baguettes
  • Yellow gold coming out as a winner in the engagement and wedding ring category
  • Oval diamonds and rounds staying in the running for most desired shapes
  • Black metals for men’s wedding rings are on trend – men are becoming more comfortable in sporting jewelry that is outside the traditional box

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